In order for a business to function properly, it needs an Information Technology environment that is secure, functional, and scalable.

Safeguarding your information and infrastructure goes a long way in preventing downtime, and loss of your data. Ransomware, which is all over the news, is only one way that these losses can occur. And when bad things happen, you need an actionable plan to get back to normal.

Our services are designed to be purchased as a bundle or individually. When purchased as a bundle, it constitutes an individualized recovery plan to protect and safeguard your systems.

Otherwise, you can purchase components separately to augment in house capabilities.

Effective Business Operations, Continuity, and Recovery is broken down into 6 fundamental areas that our services address:

Advanced Device Security

Devices can move between different parts of a business’ infrastructure.  Constant monitoring and management of these devices is necessary to ensure an overall secure IT structure.  Put this way, it only takes one bad device to inject ransomware or other malicious software into your business.

Perimeter Hardening

When you secure your IT infrastructure, you want to make sure your employees can get in but keep the bad guys out. We want to help you close the door, but not forget to close the window, backdoor, storm entrance, and basement door… Proactively monitoring and managing threats makes sure there are no holes in your security.

Communications Continuity

Electronic mail is not only a communications tool but it has become the blood and lifeline of many businesses communicating with vendors and clients.  An improperly managed environment could allow ransomware to come in and important business intelligence to leak out. Implementing a proper communications solution requires understanding business operations and keeping abreast on current security vulnerabilities.

Infrastructure Watchdog

Your infrastructure is made up of routers, switches, servers, and data, among other things. This is what makes your business operate.  With more of this in the cloud, you want continuous assurances that all the bits and pieces are working correctly.  If there is an issue, our team knows about it before it even manifests itself into your business. Our private cloud solution is an option for businesses looking for a more individualized and secure offering. Our private cloud is housed in multiple secure data centers in Ohio, where we are not susceptible to earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.

Workforce Engagement

Understanding the needs of your personnel can help cut down on lost productivity. Creating systems to disseminate tribal knowledge of business system allows for efficient resolution of issues where nothing is missed.

Your Unique Attributes

Each business is unique, and we recognize that fact.  These are custom requirements that may be outside the scope of the continuity plan presented but needed for your specific operations.